Wall-E's Anti-Social Cousin: Object Avoiding Arduino Controlled Robot!





Introduction: Wall-E's Anti-Social Cousin: Object Avoiding Arduino Controlled Robot!

I recently built an Arduino controlled robot, that avoids objects and sends out a PING)) Sonar to check where an object is.  Once an object is detected, the robot backs up and turns the other way! 

I call it the anti-social robot.



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    Hey I need some help with project. i'll pay good ... ? i want to make a rc plane that has a object recognition and following that object (car, other rc plane, ...)

    whatever you need i'll provide

    Could you show the code?

    Hi im pretty new to robotics, is it ok if you could show/explain the code that you used, i seem to really struggle with that part

    Hi, have you posted the instructable for this yet? I'm busy building a shy plinth..

    I like

    Where is the instructables please?

    It is a nice idea, but no instructable

    Is there a link for this kit in the maker shed? I can't find it

    This is awesome. Are you still planning on putting the instructions up for this? I'm really interested.

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    Most definitely! It should be up in a few days.

    Awesome! Can't wait to see it.

    I got mine in the Makers Shed. Keep your eyes out for an Arduino bundle in the shed that includes all of the components needed to build this robot. It should be available within the next week or so.

    I built the robot chassis from a kit, but I applied the Arduino and sensor components through my own building and testing. It definitely taught me important aspects of the Arduino, Motor Shields, and sensors that I can use in future projects.

    So, when the photo challenge is over, will you be posting a proper ible?