Wall-E's first head movements with eyes lit up.
look very sad... make me felt like want pick up and give it a hug<br />
He looks so sad...
I also want to see a video of it moving around, but I rather have you perfect it. Great job.
<strong>Thornburg:</strong> Thank you for your comment and a video will be forth coming when it is finished.<br/>
What will the video be called? just wondering! very awesome project, I've never seen anything this amazing before!
me too
Very nice. I believe adding a diffusion medium to make the LED's less obvious would help the effect nicely. I so want one...
tench745: Thanks for your comments, Appreciated.
<strong>tench745:</strong> hey thanks for the comment, Appreciated. Diffusion medium could be a great idea, thanks.<br/>
can it drive too???
Amazing. Just amazing. I want to make this SO BAD. By the way, is this added in the Instructable? +5/5 stars.
<strong>GorillazMiko:</strong> I hope so.<br/>
this rocks
Do the eyes work off a photocell? If not can they be?
<strong>Kopollis777: </strong> Yes they do work of a photo cell.<br/>
<strong>Kopolis777:</strong> Yes, it works of a CDS cell via a circuit. But we might try to hook it up to the BS2P40 stamp as well.<br/>
Dam... where do you get the stuff?
<strong>Jahoovi:</strong> Parallax.com for the electronic components, Misc components from various electronic stores. The rest home made.<br/>
<strong>Jahoovi:</strong> your welcome.<br/>
your project is very inspiring... I would also like to point out that his very project is what I was dreaming of when I first saw the movie preview. The internet once again proves XKCD right!... if you can dream it/think it someone else on the internet has already done it! your robot is very cool...I hope you add more to it and I can't wait to see what else it becomes of it!
<strong>Wojosockie:</strong> A very true comment, i have found the very same thing in other designs, I hope you have a go at this project.<br/>
Awwwww...<br/><br/>I can't wait to see this little guy tearing around the house. Or workbench. Or robo-sumo ring. Or whatever.<br/><br/><sub>*imagines robot being pulled around by a cat, maintaining a firm grip on the tail.*</sub><br/>
<strong>CameronSS:</strong> thank you for your comment.<br/>
I presume the eyes are controlled by a 741 or a transistor controled by a potential divider.
<strong>davidturner666:</strong> Check here to view what I did, thanks for your comment.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/showthread.php?t=1677&amp;page=3">http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/showthread.php?t=1677&amp;page=3</a><br/>
Thats hell kewl i want one xD
<strong>Madass2:</strong> Thank you<br/>

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