Picture of Wall Flowers
Make flowers to hang on your wall! You will need multiple bottles, different sizes are best.

You will need:


Dry erase marker

Hot Glue Gun

Clear Tacks
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Step 1: Cut off the bottom of the bottle

Picture of Cut off the bottom of the bottle
Save the top half for later

Step 2: Cut in between bulges as shown

Picture of Cut in between bulges as shown

Step 3: Bend cuts inward

Picture of Bend cuts inward
folding cuts inward make the middle part of the flower.
Repeat the first three steps until you have the amount of flowers your want.

Step 4: Cut stems and leaves

Picture of Cut stems and leaves
Use the top part of the bottle that was saved earlier to cut out stems and leaves

Step 5: Flower arrangment

Picture of Flower arrangment
Arrange all your flowers, stems, and leaves in the way you want. Heat up a hot glue gun and go to town on connecting all the elements together.

Step 6: Hang it up!

Picture of Hang it up!
Clear tacks work really well to secure all flowing parts of the wall flower. The clear tacks enable quick and concealed attachment.
skatergirl45 years ago
this is an awesome project... i made one and it looks soooo amazing!! :D im very happy with how they turned out
kado15 years ago
very good
i think this is one of the best example of recycled art. My favourite indeed.
Lftndbt6 years ago
WoW!! That is awesome! Could I suggest you try and take a crisper shot of the first pic. Perhaps with a little extra lighting to high light the petals. Your pic is dround out on the recent page. Even with my decent flat screen (which usually lets me see a whole lot more detail than older monitors) I could only just make out your picture. A more vivid pic will bring you heaps more views. Just my advice. Ids this your idea by the way? It is truley awesome!!
Rachbot (author)  Lftndbt6 years ago
Thank you so much. Yes i did come up with this on my own. Good call on the photo....i will work on changing that. I unfortunately need to make another set because i gave that one away.
Transquesta6 years ago
I love this kind of inventiveness! Not long ago (maybe it was you), somebody put up instructions on how to turn these 'flowers' into a curtain or partition. I 'flattered' them by borrowing the idea. :-)
ChrysN6 years ago
Very pretty!