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I could tell you how this project manifested itself, or we could just get right down to the nitty gritty.

Well if you're going to continue reading, by all means please do. So my club was in desperate need of a new project, and it so happened that I had stumbled across an RC car at GoodWill for about 75 cents. It was here that we figured: "Hey, we can build something out of this." However, once we were knee deep in the project, we realized we had bitten off more than we could chew. However, in the end we managed to swallow and get the project done but it ended up taking 5 weeks and 6 days (41 days) to finish the whole thing LOL. (March 7 - April 17). This amount of time was really just due in part to the fact that the pieces we needed were coming in slowly. One thing that is for certain is that there are a lot of various ways of completing this project. (I hint at the copious amounts of Trial and Error*)
*Lots of errors... -.-

TL:DR I bought a RC car, because my club needed it.

Let’s get to the Nitty Gritty

So first step would be the materials:

1) Car

2) Arduino

3) Wires (Lots of them)

4) L293 (Motor H-Bridge)

5) Breadboard

6) HY-SRF05 or HC-SR04, it really doesn't matter. I was able to get both of them working just fine

7) 3 x AA Battery Mount or 4 x AA Battery Mount (Go with the 3 pack only because you’re just controlling the Arduino and not pulling or giving any current to the car.)

8) Lots of batteries for testing. I just grabbed a few packs from my local dollar store (Just for testing. Don't use these kinds of batteries for the real fun.)

9) Soldering Iron

10) Optional: Switch

11) Tape (I used painter's tape)

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zaid.bro4 months ago
can you please tell me which educational course do we need to do to learn these stuff ??
tisaconundrum (author)  zaid.bro4 months ago

I didn't take any educational course. All self taught.

tisaconundrum (author)  tisaconundrum4 months ago

Although, perhaps a programming class can help.

muddog154 months ago
All the right down to it... Argh
tisaconundrum (author)  muddog154 months ago

Well, it's a lot of steps, i could rename them all. XD

tisaconundrum (author)  tisaconundrum4 months ago

Welp, they got renamed. Thanks for mentioning something that should have been obvious to me.