In this video series I show you how to build this beautiful hand tool chest.

Step 1: The Bandsaw Dovetails (Case Joinery)

In this video I walk you through to process of cutting your own dovetails using the bandsaw

Step 2: Dado's and Grooves + the Small Square Shelf.

Step 3: The Door and Draws

Step 4: Finishing Steps

Step 5: The Wrap Up

and thats it!

want to make your own? get the plans here: http://jordswoodshop.com/store/

<p>That is very nice. The black parts are chalkboards?</p><p>Also no plans available?</p>
<p>Yes thats right, chalk board panels for quick notes. <br><br>Plans are available here: <a href="http://jordswoodshop.com/store/" rel="nofollow">http://jordswoodshop.com/store/ </a> </p><p>Jordan</p>

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