Wall Lamp (Zebra)





Introduction: Wall Lamp (Zebra)

About: We are Necdet and Gizem. Necdet is an industrial product designer. Gizem is a fashion designer. And other members of family are 6 cats. We love all kind of animal. We only hate animal products.

Hello everyone,

This project is about lighting and decoration.

-The material we choose is translucent plexiglass.

-Lasercut the image ( attached illustrator, dwg and rhinoceros files )

-Make box

-Place the Leds and you need a little transformer to leds work.

-(Optional) cover the back with something you like as texture or pattern.

-Finally pour the acrylic paints top to down. Let it dry.

Step 1: Wall Lamp (Fish)

The same process as Zebra but this time we used velvet powder and velvet powder glue.

Step 2: Wall Lamp (cat)

The same process as Zebra but this time we used Metallic Stone Effect something like cement.

Also we covered back with wood surface.

Hope you like.



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    Wow these are amazing! I was wondering if you could post the files for the cat lamp, I'd really like to make it. Thanks!

    1 reply

    Thanks. The cat lamp is totally made by hand. There is no files about =(