Wall Mount for Tv


Introduction: Wall Mount for Tv

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I was thinking about hanging my tv, to have space in my room, then I thought it was funny to have to pay 30 dollars for a piece of iron, so I put my hands to work with materials that were at home. I will show you how I made my own wall mount for tv

Step 1:

To make this possible, I used:

wood 3 screws of 3 inches. 2 hinges for pantries. drill chainsaw 4 1-inch screws 4 screws for tv (depends on the one you have).

In this same step I explain what I did, although with the images you can see for yourself what I did.

First we cut the wood. Make the holes you need. Place the hinges on the wood and screw. Open 2 holes underneath in the same position. place on the wall. Put the TV on the invention. Enjoy the show



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