Wall Mountable Computer


Introduction: Wall Mountable Computer



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    would you like me to make another video on how i did that all???

    PCI-e video card slot and SDRam in one motherboard? didnt sdram die out around 2001?

    Just some constructive criticism here. It's good that you are thorough, but I don't think you need to point out/explain what every single port and part is. Having a plan and a basic script of what you want to say is also a great idea.

    I was hoping for more info on how you mounted it all to the particle board especially the power supply so that it wouldn't fall off as soon as you mounted it on the wall. As well as how you grounded everything.

    I also missed why you wanted to mount the computer on a wall. To save space I guess?

    Also, please don't treat motherboards like that! Dragging that Abit round on the particle board nearly sent me through the roof, worse than fingernails on a blackboard!