I've always liked the idea of a wall mounted Christmas tree, especially because I live in a small apartment where floor space is at a premium. But most of the ones I've seen mounted on walls don't tend to look like real Christmas trees, which is what I wanted. So I came up with this idea to use pine garland to make a more traditional looking wall mounted Christmas tree. It's so easy to put up and I especially love the fact that there's no chance that my cat will topple it over, win-win!

Step 1: Supplies

I used 3 pine garlands, each 9 ft long and 1 package of Glue Dots Flexible hang tabs to make the tree. I made a video of how I made the tree but I'll walk through the steps of how I made it here as well.

Brilliant Idea for those who love Christmas and don't have enough room and money. :D
Thank you!
Thank you!
<p>What an awesome idea!</p><p>I know a few people who could use this as they have small rooms and spaces! Including me </p><p>Thank you for sharing!</p>
You're welcome, glad you like it!
<p>Great idea! Another variation would be to make something to go in a corner of a room. Like a corner cone shape or wedge and then decorate as usual. :)</p>
That's a great idea, hadn't thought of that!
<p>Wonderful Idea! I wish I would have known about it years ago.</p>
Thank you!
<p>This is a great idea! I've been worried about where we were going to put the tree as well, lol.</p>
this does open up a lot of possibilities, lol!

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