Introduction: Wall Mounted Computer

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Make a beautiful wall mounted laptop

Step 1: Materials and Laptop Disassembly

Picture of Materials and Laptop Disassembly
  • laptop
  • screwdriver
  • poster board
  • hot glue

Since there are many types of laptops i will not post how to disassemble it.

what you want to do is to find a disassembly guide for your laptop and follow the guide.

Step 2: Moving the Lcd Cable

Picture of Moving the Lcd Cable

move the cable down a bit so you have more room to work with

Step 3: Set It Up

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plan out the components on the poster board

Step 4: Finished

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Hot glue it down and you are done.


JaredDiS (author)2016-06-05

@SimonF7 If you knew anything about computers, then you would know that a static shock from your finger can screw up the entire motherboard and make it useless

Murray Locksmith (author)2016-03-03

superb video

Kurt E. Clothier (author)2016-02-27

This is a great show of curiosity. In college, I used to hang old circuitry on my dorm room wall as art pieces. Then I got the bright idea to start putting working circuitry on the wall. I had a working radio with cd player. It was always funny watching people freak out when they realized the cd player worked with the cd spinning on the wall.

BlackSmith2300 (author)2016-02-21

How does the functionality improve? Not trying to put you down, just curious as to what you get out if this

The cooling would increase because its not stuck in a box, so less thermal throttling would occur and the performance could increase. Just a theory, not an expert.

Cooling can improve for a laptop because those things are just as much circuitry as possible shoved into a tiny little box, but only if there is still forced air (like the fan) over the CPU.

A lot of PC builders will leave a side off of their tower for the same reason, but that is usually a bad idea as it screws up the air flow designed in the case.

AlexZhang (author)BlackSmith23002016-02-21

The cooling improves and i dont have to look at a laptop with a ceacked case

AlexZhang (author)AlexZhang2016-02-21


JaredDiS (author)2016-02-23


JaredDiS (author)2016-02-23

You realize if you touch this whole it's on the wall and happen to deliver a static shock, the computer is pretty much gone

Fistio83 (author)2016-02-21


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