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I have a tiny living room (10 ft x 7.5 ft) but it does have one big blank wall that was screaming for something to jazz it up. Being a renter, I wanted to do something quick and easy to remove later, and ideally something that I could take with me when I move. Who would have thought that the solution would present itself in the form of a rug! This project is very simple and I'll outline the steps here and you can watch the entire living room transformation in the video.

Step 1: Make a Frame the Fits the Size of the Rug

I made a frame to fit the size of the rug (4' x 6') with inexpensive 1"x2" furring strips ($1 for 8 ft). I extended the vertical side pieces of the frame so they rest on the floor and act as legs.

Step 2: Paint Frame and Attach Rug

I painted the furring strips the same color of the wall to make them blend in and then used upholstery nails, every 2 1/2" inches, to secure the rug to the panel.

Step 3: Secure Panel to the Wall

I used 3M command picture-hanging strips to secure the panel to the wall to prevent it from falling over (the legs handle the weight of the panel) - being a renter, anytime I can avoid making holes in the walls, I do!

I love the way it looks and it's the perfect focal point. And it's great to hide the wires from the wall sconces that I also designed and made with hand tools - you can check out how I made them here.



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