Picture of Wall Mounted Sewing Station
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We are constantly creating awesome sewing projects in the office and our sewing station is constantly in a state of chaos!  Instead of using bins and plastic bags to organize our sewing materials I made this wall mounted sewing station to organize all of our sewing materials.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Wood Board - 36" x 12", get a board that fits your wall
Fabric - to cover the board to make it pretty and to make bags
Nails - large and small nails, large nails are for thread spools and small are for bobbins, make sure the head of the nails are small so the spools can fit on them
Screws - to fasten board to wall
Eye Bolt Screws - Scissors
Hot Glue Gun
Pin Cushions (2) - I made my own, but you could buy them

Step 2: Mounting Board

Picture of Mounting Board
SewingStation 004.jpg
SewingStation 006.jpg
SewingStation 008.jpg
SewingStation 010.jpg
SewingStation 013.jpg
SewingStation 015.jpg
SewingStation 016.jpg
SewingStation 019.jpg
Marking and Drilling Board
  • Draw a line on your board where the screws will be attached, mine were 4" from one of the edges
  • Mark 5 spots along that line where the screws will be drilled in, I had one in the center, 2 that were 3" from each edge, and 2 that were in-between the center marking and the 3" markings
  • Make pilot holes in the board where you marked.  Drill all the way through the board. 
Covering Board with Fabric
  • Cut out a piece of fabric that is 6" wider and longer than the board
  • Finish the edges by folding and sewing the edges of the fabric 1/2" over.
  • Hot glue the fabric to the board
Mounting Board to Wall
  • Poke holes through the fabric where the pilot holes are.
  • Place the board where you want it to be on the wall.  I held it in place with clamps, if you don't have clamps have a friend hold the board.
  • Make pilot holes in the wall by drilling through the five pilot holes in the board.
  • Attach screws. 
NANCYG10 made it!5 days ago
buena idea

This is a really great idea! I've done this with peg board before and it was really useful, but this is a great cheap alternative that looks really nice. Thanks for posting

That's amazing! At school (I'm a textiles student), all the bobbins and thread spools and everything is always so messy, we constantly have to tidy it all up and put everything back into their trays. Maybe we could make a larger sclae version of this to keep everything tidy :)
Great work :D
makalove3 years ago
Carleyy, i don't know how i missed this 'ible, since i generally watch for all of yours, but i'm sure glad i found it. i've got a few ideas for doing it a bit differently, but this is an awesome inspiration! :)
jooknon4 years ago
Made this for my wife for Christmas, she loved it!! Great idea!
I took the advice of sharley and used spray glue to hold the fabric to the wood, now it wont pull away when removing velcro'd items
Carleyy (author)  jooknon4 years ago
Thats Great!!! You should post some pictures!
jooknon Carleyy4 years ago
Here's my slimmed down version, 24"x9". I have yet to add the little pouches. The other thing i want to add is some kind of bar magnet with a handle to wave over the table to help find any loose pins.
Once again, thanks for the great idea!
Carleyy (author)  jooknon4 years ago
Looks awesome!!!
twogirls4 years ago
I love this, my hubby is putting up shelves for me and I think this would be a nice edition to go with them! Thanks for sharing!
sharley4 years ago
I would add to this instructable that for the fabric to look more polished and smooth to use spray glue to the surface of the board before applying glue to the backside. This way you can smooth out the fabric and have no air bubbles. Then you can secure it with the hot glue.

Great idea. I have to do one for my craft center!
pie popper4 years ago
Cool! Looks very handy and useful!
Kryptonite4 years ago
I love it! Mounting something on a wall instantly improves it's quality tenfold.
dorinmouss4 years ago
How simple and how fantastic!
tbcross4 years ago
love this idea! I have a stair step design countertop thread holder but it took up so much space that I stopped using it. This takes up way less space love it!
Very good idea very useful and handy,,,,,,good job
ChrysN4 years ago
Nice, it looks really handy!
angelabchua4 years ago
Great Idea, and it looks awesome too. Internet pat on back for you!