Picture of Wall Pedestal/Gallery Shelf
This instructable is here to show you how to make a gallery or studio wall pedestal that hangs flush on the wall.  These are great for displaying 3D art work in a gallery or for shooting slides.  These are very cheap to make and very durable.  
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Here is the list of supplies needed to make the shelf:
1. 1/2" or 3/4" MDF (medium density fibreboard)
2.  Wood Glue
3.  18ga. pneumatic brad nailer
4.  nails for brad nailer or wire brads for manual hammering
5.  table saw
6.  wood screws
7.  wall anchors
8.  drill or drill/driver
9.  #8 countersinking bit
10.  small bubble level
11.  pencil
12.  tape measure
13.  wood filler
14.  paint
15.  sand paper 120 or 180 grit

Step 2: Logistics

Picture of Logistics
Ok, this shelf looks really simple to build but can be really frustrating if you don't understand geometry, or my terrible writing skills.  Geometry is the only math class I passed in high school the first time I took it, but I still suck at it.  This is where common sense comes into play.  You will need to determine what size shelf you will be making.  Length, depth etc....  I usually cut my pieces to size before cutting any beveled edges to complete the shelf.  Just my preference, do what works for you.

In this case I cut a 6"x6" square on the table saw.  Then I cut that in half to make the end caps for the wall pedestal.  After that, I then cut a 7 1/8" x 16" rectangle to define the top surface of the pedestal.  The bottom support was cut at 8 13/16" x 16.  Adjust these measurements for whatever size of pedestal you are making.  The top surface will get one miter cut at 45 deg., while the bottom face will get both edges mitered at 45 deg.

Step 3: Construction- step 1

Picture of Construction- step 1
Now it's time to assemble the parts once they have been cut to size and the edges mitered.  Start by standing the top surface (the piece with one 45 deg. edge) on end, while placing on triangle flush with the flat edge.  
manishrkp2 years ago
Good work
rasro24 (author) 4 years ago
Sure, what type of work are you into? Check out Martin Puryear, Lee Bontecou, Tom Friedman just to name a few resources. As far as ideas for pieces, I have never ending concepts, forms, etc...
tinker2344 years ago
wow so cool
rasro24 (author)  tinker2344 years ago
hey any sculptre ideas