Feel like livening up your living area with something more than a common picture-frame? By using rasterizing software and some standard printing methods, you can take any of your favorite digital images and create an art-piece that will bring new life to your home.

A raster image is made up of thousands of circles, and based on their size and proximity to one another the image can look like a full-picture without a large loss in quality. Black and white, monochrome, or full-color posters are possible, and the price is pretty cheap too. Aside from borrowing a paper-cutter, including all supplies, I made a full-color nine foot diagonal poster for $50, and a black & white one for $26. This project requires some patience and precision, it took me around four hours to produce the final poster used in this guide.

I hope you learn and have fun in following this instructable, and produce some really neat pieces of art!

Step 1: Supplies and Costs

Digital Image (Free)
This is the image that will become your new poster. Though it can be any size, for the best results, I recommend a size of at least 720 pixels wide. Though your image does not need to be simple, I advise against highly intricate pictures, since the rasterizing process loses fine-details.

The Rasterbator (Free)
The Windows program that takes your digital image and processes it into a rasterized Adobe PDF for printing.

White Poster Board ($2 per three 22"x28" boards at Michael's craft store)
In this guide, I needed five poster boards for my 6 1/2' poster, so $4.

Thumbdrive or CD-R ($Peanuts)
You likely already have these, or know someone who does. It only needs to hold a 10MB-100MB PDF file.

Spray Adhesive ($6)
It's glue in a spray-can. You may need to be 18 or older to purchase it.

Printing Service ($5-50)
I used Kinko's Office Print and Copy, which charges $0.53 per color page. Black and white is $0.12 per page. For the poster in this instructable, at 32 sheets, the cost was $17. Your printing service will print out the PDF from your thumbdrive or CD. Note that Kinko's is meant for office copies, and doesn't have very accurate color. Local print shops can produce higher quality images, though price varies.

Clear 3M Packaging Tape ($4)
Purchase the thicker tape if possible, it's easier to apply without bubbles or folds.

Paper Cutter and/or Scissors ($5-50)
The paper will not be printed directly to the edge (called full-bleed printing), and has a thin border about 1/8" from the edge of the paper. We will need to cut along this border for every page, so a paper-cutter is extremely helpful. Scissors can be used in isolation (though it takes much longer), and help clean up bad paper-cutter cuts. I borrowed one from a friend who is a high-school teacher.

Nails ($Peanuts)
For hanging the poster to the wall.

Hammer ($5)

1/2" Grommet Kit ($9)
Used for making stamped holes in the poster, to better nail it to a wall.
<p>Great work. I forgot how much fun these are :)</p><p>Just a quick suggestion.</p><p>Years ago when I went to a store called &quot;Staples&quot; the person behind the counter told me that it would cost me 6 dollars for them to even look at a CD with an image or document on it.</p><p>However, if I emailed it to them then it was free to look at.</p><p>So it saved me $6 per document or picture sent.</p><p>Anyhow, you might want to ask about that in case they charge to &quot;look&quot; at the file on the usb or CD.</p><p>I hope this helps :)</p><p>Great job you did :)</p>
This is amazing! Can you please tell me from what anime is the pic where two characters are running to the castle? I have been trying to find it without any results. Is it too from Haibane Renmei?
It is not from Haibane Renmei, it is a one-of-a-kind, unique, original picture not from any series.<br> <br> The source is a Japanese pixiv user named <a href="http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=7715203" rel="nofollow">Iwak</a>i<br> <br> Here it is on <a href="http://konachan.com/post/show/89975/long_hair-moka-_tapioka-original-scenic-sky" rel="nofollow">Konachan</a><br> <br> I acquired the image from /w/.<br> <br>
Oh, thank you so very much! I spent last day looking for that picture and thought I would never find it. Got inspired by your instruction and thought I could try create similar kind of poster on my wall. :)
this is really cool

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