Introduction: Custom Wall Tool Holders

In this instructable you'll see: How I made some holders, over my workbench, on a big piece of melamine, for some of my hand tools.

Step 1:

I made these two same holders for my T-Handle Torx/Hex keys, Nut Drivers, Rasps and Screwdrivers.

Step 2:

I placed them down to calculate the space I need to let, between every tool, in order to find the right length of the wood.

Step 3:

I marked the distances and extended them with a try square.

Step 4:

Then I started measuring the exterior diameter of every tool and at the total result I added one millimeter (half millimeter perimetrically), in order for them to get in and out more easily.

Step 5:

I did the same process for the other piece.

Step 6:

I opened all the holes needed to both pieces very carefully, for the depth of every hole to be up to the middle of the thickness of the wood.

Step 7:

In this case the thickness of the wood is two centimeters, so I opened holes 1cm deep.

Step 8:

Now I measured the interior diameter of every tool, adding again half millimeter perimetrically, for the same reason.

Step 9:

I opened again all the holes needed for every tool but this time each hole went from one side to the other.

Step 10:

I fliped it over and marked the two abutting external lines of every circle.

Step 11:

Adjusted the blade to the right height.

Step 12:

... and I started cutting with precision until the blade touches the 2 lines I drew before.

Step 13:

Then I sanded all the sides of both pieces very well.

Step 14:

Because this is softwood and it leaves splinters on the edges, I needed to sand all the points with a soft sandpaper by hand.

Step 15:

In order the tools to come in and out more easily, I did a little rasping between the gaps.

Step 16:

After all this sanding, it’s time for painting.

Step 17:

I let them dry for one day...

Step 18:

... and then installed them on the big piece of melamine, on the wall.

Step 19:

Let’s organize this mess!

Step 20:

For the try squares I measured the thickness of every piece and made these holders.

Step 21:

For the drill bits I measured the length of the base of every set and made this holder then I put the bases of the drill bits into the holder and placed it on the wall!

Step 22:

For the holesaws I took a piece of wood some dowels and I opened 45 degree holes, in order to keep the holesaws in place.

Step 23:

Hex / Allen Keys, T-Handle Hex Keys, Forstners, Woodboring Bits, Countersink Bits, Rotary Rasp Bits, Metal Cutter Drill Bits, Chamfer Milling Cutter Drill Bits, Deburring Bits & Router Bits

Step 24:

Thanks for reading & I hope you liked it!

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Myrian1 (author)2016-11-09

I tried this, but I don't have a drill press. The spade bit I used was brand new, but still splintered my test piece! Ideas?

Yonatan24 (author)Myrian12017-01-11

How fast did you use it/RPM? Was it sharp?

Myrian1 (author)Yonatan242017-01-24

The RPM of an 18v cordless. The drill wasn't sharp (hehe) and the bit was fresh out of the package. I thought I'd pressed too hard but even easing off made splinter wreckage.

Yonatan24 (author)Myrian12017-01-28

Try to use a corded drill on almost MAX speed. See picture #4 of step 6, this is how my hole turned out, but a forstner bit would have drilled it even cleaner:

Momable (author)Myrian12016-12-29

Look for a "maker space" in your area. They should have the tools you need and you may be able to sign up for a one month membership to get your work done. Or, ask a neighbor.

Myrian1 (author)Momable2016-12-29

I had to search what a "maker space" is. Seems awesome but none came up in my area. I also searched "hobby shop" and came up empty. Love the idea, any others please?

billbillt (author)Myrian12016-12-29

Use a "Forstner" bit instead.. Turn part over just as point of bit breaks thru.. finish drilling from back..

Myrian1 (author)billbillt2016-12-29

That's a wicked looking beast! Looks fun...I'll let ya know if I use them :) Thanks

Mike_Torello (author)Myrian12016-12-29

spade bits tend to be dull right from the shop...

DonG36 (author)2016-12-29

great job but what do you do if you buy a couple more tools lol?

Elias Stratakos (author)DonG362017-01-12

I'm happy that you liked it! Thanks a lot!

I have left space for more tools, there! or if needed, I'm gonna add
some extra boards to the left and to the right and there we go!

All the Best!

Small-Hope (author)2016-12-29

Oh. My. God. My OCD is LOVING this.


Lol !!

mmaiden54 (author)2016-12-31

I think somebody is a bit O.C.D. ? Does getting a new tool mess you up? Pegboard works for me but I appreciate the neatness, to a point. ??


You're right! "I maybe have a problem in my head” Lol!

I have left space for more tools, there! or if needed, I'm gonna add some extra boards to the left and to the right and there we go!

Cheers! Take care!

Yonatan24 (author)mmaiden542017-01-11

Why does that bother you?

billgeo (author)2016-12-30

Very nice adn simple build!!! I must make one too someday! :-)

I also have bought all the same tools from LIDL,

the are very very good for the price!

Elias Stratakos (author)billgeo2017-01-12

Thanks a lot! Yeah, Try it! I’m sure you will do just fine!

(Always keep in mind that woodworking is a dangerous activity that demands various safety precautions to be taken)._

Take care!

yvestaisne (author)2016-12-29

Yet subscribed, Really nice work.I love the way you care every detail. Please go on doing this videos.


Thank you very much! I’m glad you saw that and liked it!

Best wishes!

ElChick (author)2016-09-08

Wow.....just, wow. I can't say anymore than that. This was great.

Elias Stratakos (author)ElChick2017-01-12

Thanks a lot! I greatly appreciate your warm words of encouragement!

I'm happy that you liked my work!
Best Regards._

joejoe instru (author)2016-12-30

I use a piece of large flat floral foam then embed the tool or whatever mount & cut the foam to a wood 2x 4 (shim & glue the bottom of 2x4 with those store bought cheap wood shims to make the 2x4 tilt back slightly cut shim... screw 2x4 to wall or pegboard done

diythis (author)2016-08-13

Very neat! Also in terms of documenting the steps one of the prime examples on Instructables. Thank you!

Elias Stratakos (author)diythis2016-08-30

Thanks for your kind words, mate! I really appreciate it!

All the Best!

Phil432 (author)2016-08-13

Great Job on the tool bench wall holder. I may have to modify this project for my electronics work bench and add in a little more lighting.

Elias Stratakos (author)Phil4322016-08-30

Thanks a lot! Try it! I’m sure you will do just fine!

(Always keep in mind that woodworking is a dangerous activity that demands various safety precautions to be taken)._

Take care!

mikecz (author)2016-08-13

Nice, as far as it goes. How about pliers (& cutters/strippers that look kind of like pliers) and hammers?

Elias Stratakos made it! (author)mikecz2016-08-30

Thanks! This is a part of my holders & tools. I’m going to make later more videos for the rest, like: Pliers, Crimpers, Wrenches, Hand Saws, Side Cutters, Wire Strippers, Cable Slitters, Mallets, Hammers and a lot more…! Stay tuned!

Best wishes!

nameisbryan (author)2016-08-13

I appreciate that this took so much exact work and care. There are a lot of "quickly organize your..." instructibles; it was a plesant surprise to see the calipers come out, for the video to sync to the audio, the fx printed labels on each tool group in the video.

I'm setting up maker spaces for two schools and want to show this video as a remonder that sometimes when you want to get it done, you measure 7 times, cut once, and put in the time and care. Thank you for putting in the time to make this instructible.


I greatly appreciate your warm words of encouragement! Thanks a lot!

The editing took me a lot and I’m happy that you saw that and liked it!

It’s true that the most of the time of a project (as you said and it’s really important), is spent on the measurements and the right calculations. Especially when you have only one shot, you have to be very sure and careful because there is no return!

Thanks a lot again! All the best! Take care!

cjameson (author)2016-08-13

how did you fix all the holders to the melamine? can they be repositioned or replaced if you buy more tools?

cjameson (author)cjameson2016-08-13

I just watched the video. It looks like you have screwed the holder to the melamine.

I wonder if embedding rare earth magnets into the back of the holders and intalling a steel sheet behind the melamine would work? It would be more expensive, but it would provide many more layout options.

Just a thought. As it stands this is an excellent instructable - nicely done!

Elias Stratakos (author)cjameson2016-08-30

Yeap! I took the right measurements for my tools and screwed the holders to the melamine.

I don’t’ think that rare earth magnets can hold the big pieces of the holders, such as those two long pieces in the center I have on my wall… (a lot of weight…) and when you are going to put in or pull out a tool the whole holder will be moved or even worse it will all fall down… If I want later to put more tools, I’ll make another wall again and we are ready!

Take care!

UncleEd (author)cjameson2016-08-13

This is a great instructable and my tools would really look nice and, more importantly, be easier to find so I could use them if I had this. Will be thinking.

Magnetic tool holders are truly a mixed blessing. The good is the convenience and flexibility--of storing the tools. The bad is that the tools will be magnetized and if your life is like mine, there will be enough tiny filings attracted to the magnets to make your life miserable. I don't have a magnetic tool holder, but stray magnetism from whatever source it comes means the tips of my Phillips screwdrivers always have iron filings around them. A magnetic tool holder will mean any and all iron/steel (not real stainless steel) tools will pick up filings, brads, small washers, and about anything else that's magnetic, usually when I don't have a spare hand to sweep them off.

If this will definitely NOT be a problem, then it's a great idea.

Vasilisf (author)2016-08-14

Μπράβο φίλε, πολύ ωραία δουλειά!!

Elias Stratakos (author)Vasilisf2016-08-30

Χαίρομαι που σ’ άρεσε! Να ‘σαι καλά!

Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ! Best wishes!

markpa (author)2016-08-13

mpravo ilia ise foveros se ola!!!!!!!!!

Elias Stratakos (author)markpa2016-08-30

Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα καλά σου λόγια!

Να ‘σαι καλά! Take care!

mikesevd (author)2016-08-13

μπράβο Ηλία, φοβερή δουλειά!

Elias Stratakos (author)mikesevd2016-08-30

Να ‘σαι καλά φίλε! Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ!

All the Best!

mjenkins1 (author)2016-08-13


Impressive project and video! I'm inspired to do something similar for my weird tools. Thank you.


Thanks for your kind words! I really appreciate it!

Try it! I’m sure you will do just fine!

(Always keep in mind that woodworking is a dangerous activity that demands various safety precautions to be taken)._

Take care!

John Morrissey (author)2016-08-13

A great way for easy access to the tools as well as a reminder to find them, to put them back in the racks. Nicely done!.


I'm happy that you liked it! Thanks a lot!

Best wishes!

Lamarch (author)2016-08-13

Great job , i would like to build one myself. This will be next on the project list

Elias Stratakos (author)Lamarch2016-08-30

Thanks a lot! Try it! I’m sure you will do just fine!

(Always keep in mind that woodworking is a dangerous activity that demands various safety precautions to be taken)._

Take care!

rpmalouin (author)2016-08-13

nice project



Fezder (author)2016-08-13

Nice! Keeping stuff organized has always been chore for me....I can think of ways where to place stuff, but do stuff go to their places? Nope, same scenario as with "my room was clean but then I needed something...."

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