Picture of Wall Trophy Lamp
13 11:11 PM.jpg
13 11:11 PM.jpg
Everyone wants a wall trophy lamp. Everyone. Here's a bright idea, of making one that lights up! I'm going to keep the steps simple and basic. But I'm warning you, this is very fiddly.
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Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need
Materials :
1Qty - 30cm x 40cm foam board :
1Qty - 60ml PVA craft glue :
2Qty - 50cm x 75cm (2 sheets) plain tissue :
1Qty - Any source of string lights. :
1Qty - 50m wire

-Glue gun
(Optional) any tools that will help bend and shape the wires in place

Step 2: Construction Of The Head

Picture of Construction Of The Head
13 11:12 PM.jpg
13 11:12 PM.jpg
13 11:12 PM.jpg
This is very hard to explain. But first analyse a photo of a deer wall trophy to have an idea of what it looks like.

1. Try and replicate that shape of the head, notice how the lower part of the head is smaller than the top half. And the top half of the head has a little dip, this helps resemble the shape of a deers head.

2. I created circles, this will be the pieces that make the body of this project. I align them from the top of the neck and left 15cm spacing and made my way to the base of the neck. How I attached the circles, I have thinner wire which wraps around much easier than the thick wire. This I used to help place the circles by wrapping around in a cross motion and pressed it down with a tool. (It helps heaps)

3. This is optional but I recommend it. With extra wire, add it to the head and neck to help make it stable, this will prevent it from falling apart.
ChrysN2 years ago
Cool, it reminds me of a patronus from Harry Potter.