This is my 40 lt wall aquarium. I spend just 3 days making this "minimalistic" aquarium.

Step 1: Aluminium Structure Design

Cut the pieces, secure them with screws, make the holes for the water to "breathe", assemble it!!

Step 2: The Glass

Step 3: Deep Sea

I found this  cool pic on the web. Print it!!

Step 4: Lights!!!!!

... and electrical devices... filter, bubbles, thermostat... you know.

Step 5: Action!!!!!!

That's all, that´s all, that´s all folks!

Do you have pictures of it in action? with fish or is it decorative only? I'm also kinda curious how you sealed the seams.
how did u fix it on the wall??
New pics uploaded
That is a brilliant idea.
The filter needs 3 weeks just with the water, without fishes. I'll upload more pictures next week with fishes and finally on the wall. I used silicone for the glass and screws for the structure.

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