Picture of Wall drawing robot - Open Source ! (KeerBot.com)
KeerBot goal is to develop open hardware robot – A new one!
No more regular boring robot that rolls on the ground but a new robot that can draw on walls.

The robot is hanged on two wires with known initial length, and it has a painting head in the middle of it, and the software tells the wires to get longer or shorter and by that change the location of the painting head on the wall, (later it will also turn it on and off)
aggrav8d2 years ago
A repeat of http://www.instructables.com/id/100-Mural-drawing-robot-also-works-as-a-giant-et/ ?
wavegm (author)  aggrav8d2 years ago
Nice to see you're also here...
Have a look at my other works
Loved your description line "make a living ... "
lets think of something together !