I took on Wall-e quite some time ago, i started with an Arduino but once i found the EZ-B there was no looking back

I picked Wall-e up for approx. $34.99( http://www.ShopSmart2.com )
I picked up an Ez-b kit for $169.00 USD( http://ez-robot.com )

The only thing this toy had was a circuit board to make noises like Wall-e. Everything else was manual for movements, including the arms, the neck and the tracks. No other electronics.

Step 1: The Brain - an Awesome EZ-B Module

<p>Great work ...</p><p>Sir I'm making a project same as yours, but i'm using an arduino.</p><p>i'm not yet familiarize with EZ-B module, can i have your source code sir..so that i can have the idea... tnks sir. </p>
Quero saber exatamente qual wall-e você comprou, se possível deixe o link de qual você comprou, obrigado.
Eu achei Wall-e no ebay. Esta vers&atilde;o do Wall-e era apenas um brinquedo push, sem motores, mas n&atilde;o tinha um m&oacute;dulo de voz, ele &eacute; definitivamente mais dif&iacute;cil de encontrar. Ele &eacute; geralmente em torno de US $ 40, voc&ecirc; pode ter que comprar um que &eacute; usado, mas eu verifiquei apenas e h&aacute; alguns l&aacute;. <br> <br>Obrigado pela pergunta :)
nice work.
Thanks :)
Hi im really interested about this robot how much it will cost all in all especially Wall E sir to build it? <br>
The toy itself was $34.99, it can be found at most toy stores. <br><br>The EZ-B kit was $169.00 U.S. - I can put you in contact with the guys that will put you on the list for a kit if you would like just let me know.<br><br>Tim

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