Picture of Wall-e Project - Push toy Modified with an EZ-B
I took on Wall-e quite some time ago, i started with an Arduino but once i found the EZ-B there was no looking back

I picked Wall-e up for approx. $34.99 ( )
I picked up an Ez-b kit for $169.00 USD ( )

The only thing this toy had was a circuit board to make noises like Wall-e. Everything else was manual for movements, including the arms, the neck and the tracks. No other electronics.

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Step 1: The Brain - An awesome EZ-B Module

Picture of The Brain - An awesome EZ-B Module

Step 2: Voice Module - Extraction

Picture of Voice Module - Extraction
I took out the voice module, then striped it down to just the two power wires, and then hooked it to the EZ-B for power, to one of the 5v outputs.

Step 3: Installing the EZ-B module

Picture of Installing the EZ-B module
After taking the toy apart and extracting the voice module you will see that you will have room to put the EZ-B module there.

On the bottom of the EZ-B i soldered the power wires because there is no room to put the power connector in there, if you want you can cut a hole in the side of Wall-e where the power jack ends up that way it is easy to power him up on the bench and not waist batteries when your testing.

I know on my picture it shows the battery pack direct to the board, but what i did do is put a switch inline, you will see where i mounted the switch.

Step 4: Vision Tracking Camera

Picture of Vision Tracking Camera
The EZ-Robot Wireless Camera allows your robot to see the world and track colors, motion and human faces.

I took the camera and disassembled it so that I could fit it into one of the eye sockets on Wall-e, because this is the small version of Wall-e it was tight, but it fits fine.

You will have to modify the top piece for the back eye cover as i did below, then it fits nicely over the camera.

gdias4091 year ago
Quero saber exatamente qual wall-e você comprou, se possível deixe o link de qual você comprou, obrigado.
timbonderud (author)  gdias4091 year ago
Eu achei Wall-e no ebay. Esta versão do Wall-e era apenas um brinquedo push, sem motores, mas não tinha um módulo de voz, ele é definitivamente mais difícil de encontrar. Ele é geralmente em torno de US $ 40, você pode ter que comprar um que é usado, mas eu verifiquei apenas e há alguns lá.

Obrigado pela pergunta :)
nice work.
timbonderud (author)  sanjay satheesh1 year ago
Thanks :)
jhunmar1002 years ago
Hi im really interested about this robot how much it will cost all in all especially Wall E sir to build it?
timbonderud (author)  jhunmar1002 years ago
The toy itself was $34.99, it can be found at most toy stores.

The EZ-B kit was $169.00 U.S. - I can put you in contact with the guys that will put you on the list for a kit if you would like just let me know.