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This upload is a little bit of 3D printing history.

The Wall in San Francisco precedes laser cutters and today’s faster 3D printers. This work was done in 2009.

It uses GIS data from San Francisco and the West Bank, ARC, kmz files and shape files to geo-reference the wall in the West Bank as an overlay on San Francisco. A population drape from census statistics of the city of SF overlaid the 3D map, with the higher density areas reflected in red. It also use ZPrint software, which was free and used in ZPrinters. Materials were powders and the production of this work took about 26 hours to print.

Total size: 18” composed of two separately printed segments of 9” each.


seamster (author)2015-08-24

Looks cool! Do you have any more photos showing the process of how you made this? Any additional info would be great to see.

paula levine (author)seamster2015-08-27

If I can find other images, I'll certainly add them to the site. Thanks for your suggestion.

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