Picture of Wall mount your Wii for next to nothing.
After the installation of my new wall mount LCD things were great.  That was before my son took over the basement TV playing COD MW2, and my daughter wanted to use her Wii at the same time......

Step 1: Mess = Bad

Picture of Mess = Bad

Here is the mess, with cables hanging.   Her decorations are hopelessly displaced on one side.   The wife is not happy.  This is not good.  She has this thing about balance.  Everything has to be perfectly symmetrical with her.   With her Yin and Yang out of equilibrium, there is no time to waste.

ComzoZip2 years ago
I just finished setting up  a Wii and a 24" TV for my son.

I used the following:

1x 24" TV
1x Wii
1x CS-51951: Cabstone EasyFix UltraSlim tv ophæng, 17 til 70"
1x ES-WII180145: Eholms ophæng til Nintendo® Wii
1x cable cover

This is the result :-)
craig35 years ago
I assume its still at reach to put game discs in? it doesn't look like you have the hardrive mod on it to hide it further
Fun2Hold craig34 years ago
If you do have your wii with the hard drive mod, though, you could build a similar sling for the hard drive. Or, if it's light enough, some good velcro tape on the drive and wii.
 From the looks of the pictures, it's possible to reach the front of the wii on the left side of the TV. 
So unless the side of your TV isn't open like shown, there should be no problem ;)