This is my first Instructable so bear with me.

I have been searching an easy and cheap way to mount my bike to the wall, and even though I saw some cool ideas here, none of them fit well the area I wanted my bike to be, so as we all do, I made my own.

Handsaw, jigsaw or circular saw
Electric drill
Sheet metal shears
Socket wrench and 1/4 socket
1/2 concrete drill bit
Wood bits and glue
Chisel (optional)

1 - 2x2x8
6 - 3 in. wood* screws
4 - 3 1/2 x 1/4 in. hex head bolts and washers
4 - 1/4 in. insert nuts*
1 - Perforated steel strip

Step 1: Cut the Material

So here is where you will use any saw you have to make this cuts:

For the vertical part (the one that will be mounted to the wall) I cut it to: 8 in. - 2 pieces
For the horizontal part (the one that will support the bike) I cut them to 12 in.* - 2 pieces
*If you want an exact fit for your bike I recommend to measure the distance between the frame to the end of the handlebar, so it rests near the wall, and just add and additional inch to that measurement.

For the next part I chose to chisel out an area around the vertical pieces to maximize the adhesion area between the vertical and horizontal pieces. You can do the same with your handsaw or don't do it at all, but I would recommend you use some kind of 90 degree angle metal bracket to secure both pieces.

After that, I sanded them down to remove any harsh edges.
Good job.It is important to make cycling more convenient and to make better use of spaces, especially smaller spaces and to show just how productive one can be with few tools and materials. Your inlet does all that. Some folks may want to consider some protection for the wall behind the bike. Many options for those who want that. Good job.
Hi Wilmette, thanks a lot for your comments! I'm glad you liked it and stopped by to comment on it. Yeah definitively, now more than ever, the spaces need to be well planned and used, specially in urban areas where it is limited. That's a good observation, maybe a couple of wood or plastic strips on the wall, along the length of the bike, so the wall behind it doesn't gets dirty with the tires, that would complement the project. Thanks again.

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