I recenty made myself a whiteboard for writing notes and reminders while at my desk, however I was becoming frustrated with never being able to find my whiteboard pens as no matter where I put them they would always seem to bury themselves under a pile of paper whenever I needed to use them.

So I decided to make a holder for them so they would always be accessible when I needed to use them and to help de-clutter my desk.

After a bit of thinking I noticed that the body of the pens was slightly tapered, they were 15mm at the base and 17mm towards the tip, so I came up with this solution using a series of 16mm holes to hold the pens in place inspired by the test tube racks we used to use when I was at school.

The whole project was done in a day and that included about 3 hours waiting for the various coats of paint to dry.

It is made of an offcut of 1mm thick plastic from an old picture frame that I had to cut down to the correct size, but you could just as easily use a CD hewel case or similar. It also incorperates an even smaller offcut of 3mm thick perspex for the 2 sides and 2 supporting brackets, although you could probably use 2 bits of the 1mm thick plastic glued together instead.

Step 1: Parts / Tools

As well as scraps of 1mm and 3mm thick plastic or perspex sheet you will need the following tools:

Stanley Knife / Craft Knife / Box Cutter
Steel Ruler
Small File
16mm Flat Bladed Drill Bit
6mm Drill Bit
8mm Drill Bit
Centre Punch
Glue Gun
Acrylic Paint
Spirit Level

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