Show off your old fandom with a new style!

I recently cleaned out from under the bed and found a pile of old anime wall scrolls that used to adorn the walls of my apartment. Over the years, I've traded posters for frames, but I didn't want to give these remnants up to the thrift store. I decided they needed to be refashioned into a cool top for summer.

I won't be outlining how to make this specific shirt, as your supply of wall scrolls and style choices will not likely coincide with mine. However, I will outline how to create a pattern to plan out your own choice of garment and provide some tips for sewing with wall scrolls.

Step 1: Materials

wall scroll(s) - I ended up using two and would have needed at least two for the shirt I made. However, a different pattern may require less or more, and your design may be cooler with more. Consider the thickness of the fabric. I felt the thinner scrolls were better for the shirt I made, because they flowed better. However, thicker fabrics may be better for different garments.

plastic shopping bag

permanent marker

straight pins


sewing machine

cotton thread

<p>Your using see thru plastic bags for your pattern really saved me! I've been battling brown paper all weekend to try to make a pattern from a jacket I love.</p>
<p>Yea! good luck.</p>
<p>Really great re-use project! Have you tried washing it yet? I'm guessing this may be a soak/ hand wash item only. If it were me I'd probably test soak a scrap to make sure there's no ink bleeding (not sure exactly what they use for printing these).</p>
<p>I washed a scrap of one of the scrolls to see if I could get it so soften up, and there was no bleeding though it frayed at the edges. As long as you use a zig zag stitch, it should wash fine. Most wall scrolls are made like any other printed synthetic fabric. </p>
<p>W O W... this is seriously cool. </p>
<p>Love it!! I too have several OLD anime scrolls under my bed! Ranma, Berserk, Escaflowne that I simply will not throw away. I just love this idea. You could really sell these at an anime convention easy!! ;)</p>
<p>This is so creative and the finished project looks awesome! Great job!</p>

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