Picture of Wallet / Purse made of grass, wood, coke-labels and tarp
I like special wallets a lot and it's also a nice present for friends! I chose different covers for each wallet. The step by step instructable is for the "wooden" wallet (lower right one). The basic steps are always the same, you can just choose a different cover if you like. I also made a "grass" cover, a "coca cola" cover and a "north face duffel bag alike" cover as you can see on the overview image.

This is my first instructable and I hope its reasonably understandable. Please tell me if something is not clear, i am happy to explain things differently or in more details.

Step 1:

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First you need a piece for your cover. I bought this one in a do it yourself store, its actually a piece of linoleum-floor with wood optics. You cut out a piece of 38 x 13 cm (15 x 5 inches).  And then you remove the inner lining of the linoleum to make the cover of your wallet thin enough to sew.
I love that! Is it hard to sew through linoleum?
Nozebra (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks! No it's not too hard, but it's defenitely worth it to remove the soft inner lining of the linoleum. I did not use a special needle or sewing program and I am not super-skilled in sewing. So I guess it's not too difficult.