If you are anything like me, when you go shopping and that store has a particularly neat looking plastic bag, you save it in hopes of finding something cool to do with it eventually.
Without further ado, lets get started on this.
The things you will need are as follows:

Several plastic bags (In my case, I'm using the ones from World Market.)
Bussiness cards, credit cards, and dollar bills, for sizing.
An Iron and Ironing board.
Bobby pins (it makes it easier to hold your bags together while sewing.
A sewing machine or a needle and thread.
A rotary cutter and cutting mat, or scissors, but a rotary cutter makes this whole process 10x easier.
An old insert from another wallet. That plastic flap thing that grandmas and grandpas keep photos of their grandkids in.
Some entertainment while you work. (I would just whistle while I worked, but I sadly, can not whistle, so some stand-up comedy via netflix or the like will have to for me.)

Step 1: The Bags.

So the first thing you need to do is find some neat-o looking bags. Or just plain ones. Generlly thicker bags work better, that or if you are using the paper thin ones from wal-mart, I recommend layering several of them in a stack for irnoning, so that way your end result isn't a sad flimsy wallet.

After you have picked out your bags you will need a few things to use as a guide for measuring, Keep in mind that when you cut your plastic, do NOT cut it the same size as your business card or dollar or whatever. This results in a wallet made for a parallel universe that has tiny dollars and less then standard size business cards. Seam allowance guys. It's a thing. (Can you totally tell I messed this up several times when making one of these?) I've since made about four good wallets, but they do get worn out over time.
<p>i used the same technique to make a pencil case </p>
That's awesome! Have you posted an instructable about it? If not you should!! :0D
<p>You know, I made a Coaster with one plastic bag, half a milimiter thick.</p>

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