In all likelihood there is a keyboard within a few feet of you. Inside that keyboard there probably is a circuit sheet that makes for a surprisingly durable and thin material for making a wallet.

Any mention of this project must provide a link to with credit to Ryan McFarland.

Why? In taking apart electronics i find uses for most of the parts. Things which can not be reused go into scrap piles for recycling. But these sheets couldn't be easily reused and probably can not be recycled. I tried using overhead transparency sheets that had been printed on for a customized clear wallet pattern but the sheets mark when folded or creased. These circuit sheets are extremely durable.

You'll need:
A desktop computer keyboard (for the circuit sheet and a metal piece as a straight edge)
A screwdriver to open the keyboard
A ruler or tape measure
A cutting board or cutting mat
A razor knife
Sharp scissors
A roll of clear packing tape

The fine folks at HowCast have made a video from my Instructable...

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Step 1: Open the keyboard

All of the keyboards i have opened have used a series of small Phillips screws to secure the top and bottom pieces. Remove them and open the keyboard. There probably is a sheet of metal secured with more screws. Remove the screws and set the sheet of metal aside to use as a straight edge during your cutting. Next is the circuit sheet which should be quite easy to remove.
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SushiFish4 years ago
Hmmm what else do you have in your pocket of endless tools? :D
nagutron4 years ago
I just wrote an instructable for a new version of the wallet, with some refinements. Your comments and ideas would be much appreciated!
Oh, and a quick preview:
signposts4 years ago
Absolutely loved this instructable well made, well explained, great job. Heres mine.
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boa1234 years ago
Hi, I have made the wallet and it works well, however I have still got quite an excess of the plastic sheets from keyboard, and I was wondering what else I could use this excess for.
H1T4TCH14 years ago
i only had 1 sheet of that green, weird stuff, so i made a card holder out of packaging tape ;) im going to make a sorta place to hold the coins too ;)
omnibot4 years ago
Oh no, I wasted all those keyboards. Quickly, to the workshop!
TyMan2105 years ago
I made one and kept one of the ribbons. Geek Pride Day is May 25th!
frenzy TyMan2104 years ago
have great news!

This posting has won today's "I Made It" Challenge. For winning you will receive a 3 month pro membership!

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TyMan210 frenzy4 years ago
The ribbons would be great with them sew on poppers to keep money flaps closed :O *Idea!*
on Geek pride day, me and my D&D friends played a game and used prison dice. Twas a fun day in the city of Rubonia.
wrdplay5 years ago
I made one and everyone loves it. Also, mine just survived the laundry. I should go to jail, cuz, like, I left a couple bucks in it.
Azayles wrdplay4 years ago
Wrong kind of "money laundering"! xD!
Yay puns!
\o/! :-D
D5quar3 wrdplay4 years ago
 I washed mine too nothing happened to it
zieak (author)  D5quar34 years ago
I have been impressed with how durable it is!
ilpug4 years ago
 great idea. just made one of these, but i sewed it together with dental floss. works great. i had to reinforce the back spine, so i used mouse pad material to make it a true recycled computer wallet. i get all kinds of questions about it.
TSC4 years ago
Thats cool I want to make .instructable on my can i i will have a link to our instructable thanks
zieak (author)  TSC4 years ago
TSC zieak4 years ago
for get it!!
IETMN4 years ago
 hey i like your post!! could you be able to send me the pdf file to my mail: Im not a PRO member and I dont have that long time being user....:(...hope you can!! Cheers!
zieak (author)  IETMN4 years ago
I'm sorry... that would really go against the intent of the site!
Onkei4 years ago
Cool I like it, I love wallets made from weird materials.
ctrig4 years ago
Very creative! I made one a few months ago and I still use it today- it's very sturdy and durable, not to mention very stylish. I've gotten many compliments on it! The best part about this wallet is that it's very thin, so I can hardly feel it in my back pocket.
rodrigopk4 years ago
Great tutorial! I finnaly got rid of this old keyboard I had AND got a fresh new wallet =]
kolao45 years ago
Great instructible. I just made it, and it looks great. All I can say is, take your time. I have a lot of air pockets in my tape.
take a needle and poke the pocket - then carefully smooth it flat with your hand - unless its a wrinkle - in which case I am so sorry :(
TSC4 years ago
This is sweet i made one. i like your video
DavidKaine4 years ago
I can't explain in words how much I want to make one of these!  Do you think the circuit sheets would respond well to being attached thermally rather than taped? i.e. the way air mattress/pool toy seams are made?
zieak (author)  DavidKaine4 years ago
I don't know - it would be worth a try.  I never thought that the thermal method would work on plastic bags - so i might be surprised twice!
Azayles zieak4 years ago
The layers of the keyboard membrane will be thermally bonded in places to stop the layers shifting (the glue spots mentioned in the video), so thermal bonding is definitely feasible.
zieak (author)  Azayles4 years ago
Good point!   I have found that it is pretty brittle there and the connection can be torn apart easily... but this would definitely be worth a try!
Azayles zieak4 years ago
Give it a go with the offcuts. You could probably use a soldering iron bit for the welding process. Might wanna use an old bit lol.
zeon4 years ago
great instructable but you should of called it "geek wallet" lol
zieak (author)  zeon4 years ago
That's exactly what i called it on my personal site.
zamiro875 years ago
 i very like this video i do this wallet but thers no place for coins
 its very cool 
 I made mine slightly different, with some space for coins.

Thanks for a great instructable!
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