This is a turned walnut wall clock with an inset  CD.

For this project you will need some materials:

A blank that measures, 10" square by 3/4 thick. (This can very depending on how think an outer ring you want)
A CD (I microwaved mine for 3 seconds)
Super Glue
Clock moment (Klockit.com has great prices)


Lathe with at least a 10" swing
Turning tools
Table saw or hand saw
3/8 drill bit
Bench chisel
hand drill
forstener bit

Lets get started....

Step 1: Preparing the Clock Blank

I didn't have a 10" square blank, but I did have a 5" wide walnut board.

I cut down two pieces to 10" long on my table saw. You could also do this on a miter saw, radial arm saw or even with a hand saw.

I then jointed one edge of each 5" board to give me a clean glue joint. Again I used my table saw, but a jointer, router or even a hand place can clean up an edge to give you a gap free glue joint)

I applied glue and clamped the boards in place. I waited 4 hours for the glue to dry before attempting to turn.

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