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Introduction: Walther PPS (Build)

Hello there guys, this is my Walther PSS that function like a real gun. It has a removable mag that can hold ammo, very comfortable handle (Give credit to Blue Mullet for both of them) , very nice true trigger and , a slide thing that pulls the ram back or you can pull the ram by hand. I hope all of you guys will like this and please build it, its an awesome gun. Thanks and please comment below.

The Pros:
1: It looks great
2: It function like the real thing
3: True trigger
4:Shoots 10-20 feet

The Cons:
1: The ram might take the slide thing off when firing
2: Has some cut pieces

Oh and please read all captions they will be helpful

Step 1: Handle

Step 2: Trigger / Trigger Guard

Step 3: Barrell (Upper and Lower)

Step 4: Mag / Ammo

Step 5: The Ram, Mag Pusher and Rubber Bands

Step 6: Assembly



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    Actually a pretty nice pistol :D 4*


    thanks and ikr

    Wow bro, that is pretty boss! I have a few things to comment on and I promise not to be to painstaking. First off, spelling. Twice you spelled: "faction" in stead of: "function(s)." I would correct that, as it is easier to understand. =D
    Secondly, I would like to say how amazing I think this gun is. Not only does it have a slide, but a working trigger that blocks the FP right behind the mag! That is fantastic! I really do think you have eared the sub that I gave you, and I also think you have given much to this K'NEX community.
    Congratulations bro, I would say that, if you were not already, you are now an advanced K'NEXer.

    "eared the sub"?


    No prob, you did the same to me just thought I'd help. =)