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This is a pocket pistol I just made hope you can recreate it successfully. But if you do have a problem let me know so I can help you.

Step 1: The Handle

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Step 2: The Base

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Step 3: The Mechanical Part

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Step 4: The Slide

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Step 5: The Mag

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ikopacz (author)2014-05-24

this is almost the exact same design (inside and out) as Mydiffrentusername's PPK. he posted a tutorial for it and I guess this kid just had to use the parts he had and modify it a bit.

CSI worker (author)2013-12-08

Cool! If you go to YouTube and look up "Mydiffrentusername" he made one too and looks just like this one

hockeyperson333 (author)2013-10-11

Ok. Its really cool good job ;)

zerv (author)2013-10-11

no but the slide revolves

hockeyperson333 (author)2013-10-10

Does it shoot ??

Duct-Tape-Master (author)2013-08-06

THIS IS AWESOME! It is very realistic- I take it the mag goes into the handle?

zerv (author)Duct-Tape-Master2013-08-06

Also if you like this you might like my new Beneli m4 shot gun its up and if you have difficultly finding it look on my page.

zerv (author)Duct-Tape-Master2013-08-06


DaveKay (author)2013-08-01

Nevermind I saw the picture *facepalm*

DaveKay (author)2013-08-01

What is the use of the last part is it the clip? Or do u make it

zerv (author)2013-08-01

yes the slide does work but I did not put in rubber bands in the tutorial because it would be to hard to capture a photo or write it so people can understand.

MIK3 H (author)2013-08-01

Cool look. Does the slide work? And if it does, do u use rubber bands to make it slide forth again

megustatrains (author)2013-07-31

Cool :D

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