Introduction: Wannabe Tyvek Wallet

Its a paper tyvek wallet with a pocket outside its very basic.


dchall8 (author)2010-09-23

I have a Tyvek wallet and that looks like paper. Don't see why real Tyvek would not work, though. I made my wallet from a FedEx envelope. One thing about Tyvek, it is not indestructable. While it will not tear apart, mine has worn through from friction.

anarbiter9 (author)dchall82010-09-23

My old tyvek wallet was worn out too
that is one con about tyvek

steelnix (author)2010-09-23

Where did you get the "Tyvek"???

anarbiter9 (author)steelnix2010-09-23

its traced

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