First episode outlines the plan for the build including movie references to obtain measurements and prop specifics.

Step 1: Reference Photos and Artwork

For the time being, reference materials are only available to Patreon members. These images will become available at a later date. If you want to check out our Patreon page we would appreciate your support. https://www.patreon.com/JazCreations

Step 2: "Wanted" Long Range Sniper Bullet

Sculpting raw cast pewter pieces into the basic parts of the forward tip of the bullet. Hardest part to achieve so tackled first.

Step 3: "Wanted" Long Range Sniper Bullet

This episode covers assembly of the parts the make up the front of the long range bullet.

Step 4: "Wanted" Long Range Sniper Bullet

This episode details the rear end of the bullet.

Step 5: "Wanted" Long Range Sniper Bullet

This episode details the engraving and the display case and finished prop.

<p>hello Dan3008 my thoughts are a sniper round can be a 22 or a 50 BMG for short or long range, </p>
<p>wow nice prop build... Can I just ask a silly question, at what point does a sniper bullet become &quot;long range&quot; as oppose to &quot;short range&quot;? In my exsperiance with rifles, a sniper round is always &quot;long range&quot;</p>
<p>How about &quot;impossibly&quot; long range sniper bullet?</p>
<p>Not bad needed you a month ago!!</p>
<p>Yep your right!! Added a photo which covers the movie facts. Enjoy</p>

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