War Zone Obstacle #1





Introduction: War Zone Obstacle #1

This in an obstacle that can be used in a K'NEX war or for anything else that you might use it for. You can use larger pieces like red or gray rods if you would like. I just had to use smaller ones to fit in the picture. WARNING: This is mostly for looks! This is really just used for showing a boundary or area for a bunker, base, etc. This is not supposed to be used for actually blocking something!
picture 1 is an example (mini)
picture 2 is them stacked (mini)
picture 3 is the real one (FULL SIZED)
I just made these to show the most piece efficient way to make war zone obstacles!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Step 2: Putting It Together

Step 3: Stacking



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    8 Discussions

    a good obstacle is those roller coaster track connectors.. they hurt if you step on it.

    Perhaps this would be better as a compiled instructable with all the other warzone obstacles in one instructable. I could probably build this from the first picture :)

    I'm assuming this comes from one of our younger contributors. So I say, thanks for the post. Keep building, keep exploring, and keep sharing. Now let's see #2 :)

    is that supposed to hurt or something? lol i wouldnt even break stride

    Mostly you would use larger pieces like gray rods. I would really use this to show a border or something like that.