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Welcome to my step by step tutorial on Warding in League of Legends.

Map control is one of the single most important objects a team can possess while playing League of Legends. Having control over the battlefield allows a team to keep track of the respawn timers on important buffs like baron, red, and blue, as well as objectives like inhibitors and towers. Map control also is the key to engaging and or avoiding the enemy. Knowing where your opponents are at all times helps teams catch an enemy player out of position, rotate around the map successfully, and finally take towers.

In order to properly ward and manage vision you will have to understand the best ward placements and how to clear enemy wards from bushes and objectives. Following these steps will provide you with a basic knowledge of how to ward and deny vision within your matches!

Step 1: Buying Wards From the Store

Acquire wards through medium of exchange at the store in your base. This can be done by hitting the “P” button while near the spawn area or clicking on the animated character that has set up his camp next to your spawn point, (just up and to the left of your champion).

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