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I hope you'll find this useful.
Thank you for sharing it.. That is awesome
i did my entire closet with this same idea a few years back, even my pc desk and tv ! ! its great and at least here in brazil where houses are made of solid bricks and cement it hold tons of weght, in fact i think i oversized the cables a lot (2t rated)!.. i will see if i can get pics! <br /> <br />my cables were covered with some kind of plastic to protect of rust (wich is good if your going to have your clothes touching it) my clamps were the industrial kind but other than that it is pretty much the same. <br /> <br />good ible! <br /> <br />regards
You know, I used the same standard in the early, but they [ <a href="http://images.prom.ua/5228843_w640_h640_1817717w640h640741.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://images.prom.ua/5228843_w640_h640_1817717w640h640741.jpg</a>&nbsp;]&nbsp;looked very unaesthetic and were not easy to install. If you can link to image those that you used -&nbsp;very interesting.
While I like the idea of tensional suspension of your wardrobe, I would be ticked off as your landlord/owner to find you had drilled into that fine wood floor. Should you ever move the holes in the sheet-rock, in the ceiling, would be easy to repair but the holes in the wood floor will be hard to camouflage.
Simply enough to hang up a wardrobe - when there are so many clothing it becomes heavy enough and optionally mount it o&Ntilde;‚ floor but I tried to to maximize stability.
Nice one, I may have to try this myself <br />
Very easy to do; useful and can be hung anywhere. Love the idea and creativeness of finding parts to work.
I am truly surprised that the whole thing did not come crashing down when you loaded it with clothes. The upper hooks should be anchored to solid material, such as the wood celing joists. If the joist spacing does not sut your installation, you can add wood blocking the same size as the shelves and anchor it to the joists, then anchor the cables to the wood blocking. <br /> <br />Of course, if you live in an area with seismic activitiy, plan on picking up your clothes every time there is a tremor. <br /> <br />By the way, the cable idea has been around for some time, and there are companies that specialize in such material and have a complete line of anchors, connectors, etc. that really look cool.
Looks great. <br />Can you move the hanger bar up a little? Looks like some wasted space there when looking at it with your clothes included. <br />Or maybe you can attach the bar to the underside of the top shelf with some kind of J shaped bracket? <br />Nice work.
class one pls share the pdf on mahesh.gan.143@gmail.com <br />
Awesome idea!

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