I was recently commissioned to embroider a passage from Warhammer 40K lore. It's definitely not the most uplifting thing I've ever embroidered, ha!

That being said, I love mixing delicate embroidery with strange and dark subject matter, so I was all over this. :D

I completed this piece little by little over the course of a week. I'd say it took about 15 hours - a bit quicker than I thought it would be. I satin stitched the first letter of each paragraph and then did the text in three strands of black embroidery floss. It took almost a whole skein of embroidery floss to finish it!

∆∆∆ Want to see more of my embroidery? ∆∆∆
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I've also got an ible posted about the basics of embroidery.
I'm always accepting orders in my etsy shop, making jiggy.
I have lots of pieces, but I also love doing custom work. :D

Step 1: Progress photos

Most of this was done at night after I finished up work, so pardon the questionable photos. :D

I laid the pattern out in Pages and then copied it onto canvas using a water soluble pen. This part alone took about an hour.

I satin stitched first so I could feel accomplished and then worked my way through the rest of the text. I spent 1-2 hours a night for the first few days, and then on Sunday I had a marathon embroidery session and finished it up!

After it was done, I washed it in the sink to remove the water soluble ink and help remove the creases from the hoop. I left it to dry overnight.

<p>Extremely awesome.</p>
<p>Cool....very cool.</p>
<p>Awesome work Jessy! I've got to learn embrodery!</p>
<p>If you didn't know the english language and mistook the back for the front you'd think an alien made this...</p>
<p>WOW, thats...thats stunning! Your so amazing Jessy - you have mastered embroidery fully :-) Thanks for sharing !</p>
<p>Jessy this is awesome! Thanks for sharing.</p><p>sunshiine</p>
<p>Wow, you did this by hand? Impressive!</p>
<p>Jessy... you are the queen of embroidery..and I am not saying it just like that. This is super awesome.</p>

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