I thought a stone pillar that looks like a Lizard-man style snake would make a cool piece of terrain. It would also make a nice unit filler  if put on a 50mm square base.

Step 1: Tools, Materials

  • Pencils, pens
  • Hobby knife
  • Hot wire cutter, Band saw, or hack saw
  • Sand paper, 200 grit
  • Paint brushes

  • 2'' Polystyrene (extruded Styrofoam)
  • Plastic card
  • green stuff or some other modeling putty 
  • rocks, pebbles
  • Sand
  • Super glue
  • PVA or Wood glue
  • Paints (see step 6)
  • Green Lichen
  • Green Flocking
i love you now
That is sweet looking! You should enter this into the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/holidaygifts2012">Holiday Gifts Contest</a>!
Not only are the results professional quality, but your instructions and pictures are very well done. There is no reason to buy terrain when you can create such high caliber models at home. <br>Great work!
Thanks man, that's great to hear!

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