Warli Style Love Tshirts for Him and Her





Introduction: Warli Style Love Tshirts for Him and Her

Warli is an Indian tribal design style that is being used from time unknown. Warli uses basic geometrical shapes to create stories from the villager's day to day life. Warli designs make use of mostly circles, triangles and lines to create human, animal, flora and fauna forms. Each warli painting contains of a story. Villagers decorate their homes and mud walls with warli paintings. Warli paint uses the red or black mud wall as a background or canvas. And the paint is made from rice flour mixed with water.

Enough of that history. Now about what I made.
Here is a design that consists of 2 images on 2 different tshirts. Separated they don't tell much! But look at them in unison they tell a story.

I din't used any complex tool to design these images, just microsoft powerpoint.

Step 1: Basics of the Design

The basic shapes required are allready available with powerpoint.
2 triangles made the body
Circles and lines made the head and limbs of the characters
I took the leniency of one other shape the heart to represent the emotions

Just rotate and rearrange the shapes till you get the perfect expression.

Step 2: Finally

When you are done just export the whole of the image (user Ctrl+A), and print them onto whichever dress material you like.
I tried them on round neck t shirts.
Gifted them to a friend on their 1st marriage anniversary!

The PPT file is attached for your use!

More on: www.facebook.com/vaidehiart



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    How do you 'and print them onto whichever dress material you like.' ?

    Thanks for asking!
    You can do that in various ways!
    1. Draw them yourself (using brush and fabric paint)
    2. Make stencil of the pic and spray paint over them
    3. Do a screen print
    4. Take the image to the nearest printing shop (they will be more than happy)
    5. Use some online printing site (I seldom use tshirtloot.com which works only in india)

    Hope this helps!

    So this is really how to make t-shirts but nice graphics that you can apply wherever you like?

    True! Actually your comment "nice graphics that you can apply wherever you like" is giving me some funny ideas! Thanks!

    That is one cool pair of T-Shirt. Beautiful

    So beautiful and artistic! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!

    Thanks! Same to you!