Picture of Warm & Comfy Boot Liners
Ever noticed how shoe liners (especially boots) tend to start curling and creeping around and just plain getting uncomfortable? My wellies were driving me nuts and I figured, with the cold weather approaching those of us dwelling in the Northern climes, thick boot liners were called for!

Though I'd been thinking of them for a while, I did these liners on the spur of the moment so I just used whatever I had lying around. I am a squirrel though, it must be said, so what I have "lying around" you may well have to go shopping for.

They came out brilliantly though; soft, comfy and warm; and only took an hour including time spent scrounging round for materials so if you gather everything together before you start, you could be done in about 45mins. So don't ditch the boots just because the inners have come away (or completely fall out like mine did) knock up a pair of these to proudly display to your nearest and dearest...preferably before you wear them...or better yet, take a picture!
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Step 1: Gather Your Gear

Picture of Gather Your Gear
My wellies (gum boots, wellingtons or whatever they're aka) are day glo pink so I hunted through my fabric scraps for something to match/complement the colour. I found some bright green felt and a sheet of deep green foam so I settled on those with some bright pink embroidery thread for fun.

What you'll need:
Your boot insoles
Felt fabric in your colour of choice (enough to make two layers each for both feet)
Craft foam, again in whatever colour you like, enough for one layer per foot
scissors, pen, glue (fabric/pva/bostic etc)
Needle and strong thread.

Step 2: Let's Get Started

Picture of Let's Get Started
Start by drawing round the insoles onto the foam. Cut out the foam and make sure the insoles match as near perfectly as possible. Then draw around your insoles onto the felt that's been doubled over, so you'll end up with 4 pieces.

Step 3:

Picture of
Pin round the inside of the shapes to hold the layers together. Cut out the insoles.
buster9251 year ago
This looks really comfortable thanks!
TamJ550 (author)  buster9251 year ago
My pleasure, hope you have fun making them and enjoy wearing them!