I'm about to have my first baby soon and have been looking at all of the cute sheets that you can buy...however cute sheets can be expensive!  Also you might not be able to find something to your specific tastes.  I'm going to show you a really easy project that will create a fitted flannel sheet, as well as two burp rags...with no waste!

Step 1: Pick Out and Wash Your Fabric

For this project you need the following:
2 Yards Flannel
Roughly 80" of 1/4" wide braided elastic
Tape Measure
Sewing Machine
Optional: Iron

Head to your favorite fabric store and purchase flannel in 2 yard increments.  The fleece should be as close to 45" wide as possible.  Flannel is generally a couple inches shorter because of how it is made.  I purchased 4 types because I wanted to make 4 sheets.  Also purchase 1/4" braided elastic.  I bought 8 yards.  If you can you want to get as close to 80 inches per sheet...since I'm being frugal I just cut 8 yards into 4, but if you're buying by the inch, get 80 inches for each sheet you want to make.
Try to hit a sale, fleece can be 5 or 6 dollars a yard but I got this particular fleece for $2.50 on sale.  Since A crib sheet is about $15-$20 for a cute design, you want to try to keep your costs down to make it worth your effort...that is if you're trying to save $.  If you're just trying to make cool sheets that go with your particular decor, go wild :)

Wash  and dry the flannel.  This is VERY important. You don't want to go through all this effort and have your sheet shrink after you make it!

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