What come to mind when you want to keep warm? I think about a blanket or an afghan as a great option.

My crochet skills come from being a little kid sitting with my mom as a kid… I couldn’t really get the grasp of knitting… pearl one, knit one cast on, cast off, etc. Mom figured that maybe I could handle crochet with a single and a double stitch, I am sure that there are a lot more things that go into crocheting but that is at far as I got.

This can be a very easy and non-brain-tasking project. One you get into the swing of things it almost becomes mindless. You will be making a bunch of granny squares and then crocheting then together to make a blanket. I will give you some basic measurements but the finish project will depend on you.

Step 1: Tools and Material


Crochet hook (I like a large hook – G, I have big manly hands)


Yarn in various colors (I used Red Heart 100% acrylic in various colors that I thought would go together well).

NOTE: I choose 100% acrylic yarn because it make the finished afghan machine washable.
This is lovely, I was totally going to make one of these but never learned how to make a granny square. Good job being a manly crafter.
That's really nice!
Thank you for the kind words... and its warm too!
Awesome! Very beautiful blanket!

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