Warm Cheeks = Warm Body = Happy Times Outdoors





Introduction: Warm Cheeks = Warm Body = Happy Times Outdoors

Petroleum jelly. Petroleum Jelly is my magic warmer in cold weather. Up here in Alaska we frequently encounter cold weather (imagine that!). Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to one's face will help retain heat - I've never tried it on any other body parts, but I imagine it would have a similar effect. Any time the temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit I apply a thin layer to my cheeks, nose, chin, neck and even eyelids (my forehead is covered by a hat). This has the effect of locking in heat, and keeping cold off the face. It doesn't sweat off very easily. (How much does one sweat in cold weather anyhow)? On a feminine note, with using this application, my face is preserved from the harsh effects of cold and wind - in other words, baby smooth skin! Short, sweet, to the point - try it for yourself and see!

If I win this contest, I'll have to split the winnings with my mom - because she's the one who taught me this.

Step 1:

purchase jar of petroleum jelly. any brand or size will do.

Step 2:

dip finger into petroleum jelly, acquiring a decent amount of jelly on finger.

Step 3:

place finger with jelly on cheek, and begin to apply jelly to skin surface.

Step 4:

continue to smear jelly onto skin surface, achieving desired "thin layer" of petroleum jelly protection.



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    i heard English Channel swimmers slathered themselves w this to keep warm, too.

    Turret gunners in Iraq thank you profusely for this tip!

    This works for me! It's great on the back of my hands when windsurfing in cold water too : )