Step 10: Assembly

I used a wooden mallet to lightly knock the short pipes into the structural pipes. I managed to get them in there tightly enough that I didn't need to use PVC cement, which took out an extra step. Make sure the wings are angled slightly away from your back (so they don't rub) and are symmetric (photos 1 and 2).

I hot glued some extra feathers around the PVC elbows and onto the cloak to cover up the joint (photo 3 - it's an awkward angle: a friend photographed me standing behind the wing holding the board).

I used a staple gun to attach the ratchet straps to the wooden board (photo 4). I hot glued the leather armor to the straps that would go over my shoulders, and then reinforced it with twine (photos 5 and 6). This would allow me to put the wings and the armor on at the same time, armor in front, wings in back, kind of like putting on a weight vest or football pads.

Feed the cables through the holes in the cloak. I fed each wing to the opposite hand (right to left, vice versa) because it had less of a mechanical disadvantage than each hand controlling the same side wing.

Congratulations, you are now ready to wear your costume!
nice armor pics they opened my eyes to better understanding the process of chainmail working and patterns keep up the good work
Neat. I would have used a chainmail shirt, and there is some instructables on that.

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