Introduction: Warrior Princess Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Halloween makeup tutorial

Step 1: Face.

Picture of Face.

1. Apply a foundation and 2. powder

3. and 4. Do shadows, I use med brown eye shadow, do shadows to your cheeks and nose

Step 2: Eyes.

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5. 6. and 7. Use black eye pencil and do lines to your eyes

Step 3: "Mask"

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8. I use black face paint

9. I draw line to my face

10. I start fill that area

11. Almost ready

Step 4: Eyes Part 2

Picture of Eyes Part 2

12, 13, and 14. I apply liquid eyeliner and I do little "wings" to corner of my eyes.

Step 5: Eyes Part 3

Picture of Eyes Part 3

15 Apply mascara

16. Put false lashes on

Step 6: Marks

Picture of Marks

17, I do "stripes" to my cheeks

18, I also do lines to under my eyes

19, I do little stripe to my chin too

20, I do little dots next to these stripes

Step 7: Hair

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Do your hair as you want, but if you want to see better how I did my hair watch the video :-)

Step 8: Ready

Picture of Ready

This is the complete look. Remember like, comment and subscribe! :-)


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