Wash Hands




Introduction: Wash Hands

Step 1: Turn on Faucet

Turn both hot and cold

Step 2: Wet Hands

Step 3: Take Soap

Place hand under dispenser, it's automatic

Step 4: Lather

Rub both hands together

Step 5: Rinse Hands

Rinse both hands under water to get rid of all soap

Step 6: Turn Off Faucet

Push both handles away from you until the water shuts off

Step 7: Dry Hands

Reach for paper towel and dry both hands



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    3 Discussions

    Such long and graceful fingers + solemn gray nail polish = oddly compelling and meditative

    Awesome! Can hardly wait for your next instructable.

    you forgot to add info for people whose taps aren't levers. also i don't know anyone with an auto soap dispenser in their bathroom/kitchen.
    tho i'm sure we all know by now how to wash our hands ;) thanks anyway