Step 6: Glow!

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Your face will glow with healthy skin.

I recommend beginning with doing this cleansing method every day for one month. After that you may find that doing it less often works better for you. At this point, after years of treating my skin with oil, I only apply oil to my face once every few days or so. On the days in between, I do the rest of the method (steam, massage, exfoliate, rinse, dry) without adding any oil.

Laundry Tip: Do not wash the washcloths you use for this with any other laundry, whether clothing or towels. The oil will spread through the entire washload and after a while all of your laundry will smell like old oil. I hang my face cloths to dry after using them and keep the dry waiting-to-be-washed cloths together separately from the rest of my laundry. When I have enough to wash, I run them with the hottest possible water in both the wash and the rinse cycle. I add a few drops of orange or lemon essential oil (which cut the oil nicely) and a tiny amount (1 teaspoon to a full load) of liquid dish soap. You can also buy a detergent sold for massage therapists called "Oil Be Gone". It's kind of expensive, but used only on your face cloths, it will last forever. Buy the powdered type, it seems to work better than the liquid.

Have fun!

Skeeloco3 years ago
Thank you so much for your step-by-step on the oil cleanse method! I just tried this for the first time this morning and have several questions for you.

1) How often do you wash your face like this? I'm tempted to wash twice a day due to habit, but don't want to overdo it with this new method. I've read SO many different ways of using the OCM and would like to hear from you on this. Do you wash morning and evening, or just at night to get the day off your face? If you only do this once a day, what do you do in the morning (assuming you oil cleanse at night)?

2) What do you use for sunscreen? I'm used to using an SPF moisturizer, but obviously trying to get away from that. My makeup has SPF 15, but that's not much protection, and I don't always want to wear makeup.

3) It seems like your instructions promote using just one oil (and adding a tiny bit of essential oil if you want). I've read many other accounts of OCM and the vast majority recommend mixing another oil, such as castor oil, with those you list. I've also read that many folks believe castor oil to be the culprit in breaking out from this method, so I am NOT gonna try it! At the moment, all I have around is jojoba oil, which is a great one for my skin's needs. Is that all I need to be successful with this method? I eventually intend to get some essential oils in the mix, but don't know if I also need to mix the jojoba with something else as a percentage of the oil I use (as so many recommend).

4) What about natural toner? I use pure witch hazel toner. Many reviews of OCM seem to conclude that people break out because they don't get all the oil off their face. I'm a bit paranoid about this and think using the toner afterward would ensure that all the dirty oil is washed off (and anti-microbial properties of witch hazel seem good for this), but would it defeat the purpose? I did this when I tried OCM today and it felt fine. I just added a little bit of oil afterward to prevent any dryness. Just want to make sure it wouldn't interfere. This will be the hardest part of my routine to give up!

Those are all the questions I can remember right now. Thanks for any additional direction on this!
maka Skeeloco3 years ago
1) As i mention in the instructable, i'm now only adding oil to my skin once every few days. i recommend starting with once a day - your face is going to seem like it's producing tons more oil when you stop stripping the oil off - and once your face has adjusted (give it a month) you'll have a better idea of whether your skin needs a second daily treatment. i don't ever wear makeup, and i generally clean my face in the morning while i'm in the shower. If i feel my face needs cleaning before bed, i'll do that, but it's pretty unusual.

2) i don't wear sunscreen on an everyday basis; i simply don't spend time outdoors every day, so i just wear an all-natural brand picked up at my local natural foods store on days that i need it. i DO properly oil-cleanse my face after wearing sunscreen, though - it feels gnarly on my skin, even the natural stuff... but i guess anything does after so many years of keeping my skin clean and clear of products.

3) these days i'm using coconut oil, although i . Feel free to play around with oils and blends all you like, although as i mentioned above, i do think you should give your skin a few weeks to adjust to any new routine. Which oil to use is very individual. You might find help choosing an oil from this article.

4) i do NOT think that people break out because they don't get all the oil off their face. i think some people may break out more than they are used to within the first few weeks using this method, not because they didn't get all the oil off, but because their skin is detoxing and adjusting. Be patient if your skin breaks out more than usual. DON'T SQUEEZE ZITS! i don't recommend toner or anything else that strips off oil. If you feel too much oil is left on your skin, use a plain wet or dry washcloth and blot/gently rub. i know it may be hard, but try - your skin will start to feel healthy and normal to you without toner. :)
ourika4 years ago
I have been considering trying this method of face washing, but these are the most succinct instructions I have found (and I just "stumble!"ed upon them!). However, I use a face moisturizer that has SPF in it because I live in the desert and am exposed to quite a bit of sunlight everyday. Would it be a problem for me to use moisturizer if I used this method of face washing?
makalove (author)  ourika4 years ago
yes, it's fine. just use this cleansing method at the end of the day. like most everyone, your skin may seem a little overly oily until it adjusts to the new routine. blot the excess oil, or go through the cleansing routine again if you need to. it will adjust quickly.

you won't actually *need* a moisturizer with this method, though, so if you can find a sunblock product you like that isn't in a moisturizer, you might want to switch to that.
ourika makalove4 years ago
I've always had bad luck with sunblock for my face. Every sunblock that I have ever used caused pimples even though I have good skin (which is why folks I know think it's odd that I would be looking for a new way to wash my face). For some reason, the moisturizer doesn't.

The reason I'm looking to switch is that I can't use soap on large portions of my body due to the problem with dry skin, and even though my face is fine, I can't help but think that not having the soap pouring down my body would from my face would be helpful. A friend of mine stopped using shampoo on her hair, and the quality of her hair has improved greatly (she washes her hair with the conditioner and skips the shampoo completely).
makalove (author)  ourika4 years ago
yeah, i've known a number of people who stopped shampooing, either using conditioner alone or using baking soda to wash and vinegar to rinse, or borax to wash and citric acid to rinse. if you're interested in these, just google - there's good info on the web. i used the borax/citric acid combo for a while years ago, but these days i just use a baking soda paste on my hair, then rinse and follow with a spritz of apple cider vinegar. this same combination can be used on the body as well, and doesn't dry my skin.

if you've only found one sunblock that works for you, it'll be pretty tough to give it up! most of them do contain things that block pores and cause acne. ehow.com has some recipes for homemade sunblock, but i haven't tried them so i can't recommend one.

(p.s. do you have this same username on LJ?)
ourika makalove4 years ago
(and yes :-)
makalove (author)  ourika4 years ago
:) i'm one of krissi's oklahoma friends.
ourika makalove4 years ago
:-) Now I'm going to sing "It's a Small World" for ages!
makalove (author)  ourika4 years ago
mherrera4 years ago
I started using this method about 2 weeks ago. I'm using a 70-30 blend of jojoba oil and castor oil. So far it is working well! My skin is a little dry sometimes after I wash it (I think from the steaming?) so I think I will change the mix to add more jojoba and see if that helps.

Other than that, it's working great so far! I haven't used my moisturizer since I started, and my skin feels sooo soft! I've been using the oil on my neck and shoulders too.

thanks for the great instructable!
makalove (author)  mherrera4 years ago
you're welcome!

you might want to lower the temperature of the water you're using. but also, if your skin feels dry after you wash it, you can just take one drop of your oil and pat it over the dry areas and massage it in gently.
I am very excited to try out this method! I just bought some Sesame oil and some tea tree oil for my face, however, will this also be good for the body, or should I use different oils? Also, about the tea tree oil. I went to a health food store around here to pick up the oils and the lady working the area gave me a little booklet that said a facial cleaner (like this) you ought to put in 6-8 drops for every 1/3 ounce. Why do you think a few drops per ounce is better, do you think 6-8 is too much? Thanks again for this instrucable!!
Sagi5 years ago
Thank you for this great instructable! I gave you five stars! I had acne for years and tested everything... oil helps to regulate the skin.
makalove (author)  Sagi5 years ago
thanks! :)
lunafaery5 years ago
This really is the best beauty treatment. I do this on my legs and body and use it for shaving. I get the smoothest shave ever and I don't even need to moisturize anymore!
I usually am in the shower for a few minutes and then I use my cleanser(witch hazel and almond oil) on my face, then drape a hot towel on my face. So nice! You won't need anything else.