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I will show you how to make a fountain with a plastic bottle. It's very useful when for some reason there's no water.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You'll need:

- 2L plastic bottle
- a nail or something sharp
- a string or a shoe lace
- knife or scissors
Toadman036 years ago
Interesting Idea. My thought is to use it with gray water. When you are heating up your shower if you save the water and use it to fill bottles like these you wouldn't be wasting all that water. Maybe you need to use 3 liter bottles though.
bobhill1256 years ago
my family has done thi trik for generations
Agreed, very useful for camping! And its also a green project as well.
This would be great for camping!
stone34086 years ago
I wonder if you could do this in reverse. Have a small diameter tube running out the bottom. Small enough that water wouldn't flow if no air was getting in. Hang the bottle right side up (or stand it near the sink for that matter) and the cap would regulater the air coming into the bottle giving you a much more controlled stream. I Think I'll do an instructable on that with proper credit going to you for the original idea. Great job.
slu6alka (author)  stone34086 years ago
I tried that, but the water can't come out...it's only trickling. May be it's because I used a milk carton but I think the effect would be the same if you use a plastic bottle.
Chicken22096 years ago
cool, I've made these for camping, but we generally use milk cartons