Step 8: All finished! and Rules

Picture of All finished! and Rules
Finally, just spray paint the galvanized washers two different colors (Red vs. Blue).

And play Washers

Two teams of two (red vs. blue);
Set boxes approx. 12 ft apart (may offset boxes)
One person from each team throws washers into box alternating turns

Washer in box or on top rim of box = 1 point
Washer leaning on cup on inside of box = 2 points
Washer inside of cup (leaning or flat) = 3 points (a cupper!)
Every washer counts, Colors cancel out.
First team to 21 points wins.
Scoring Example One: 1 blue in cup; 1 red in cup, 2 red in box  Score = 2 points for Red Team.
Scoring Example Two: 1 blue in box, 1 blue in cup; 2 red in box, 1 red leaning on outside of cup  Score = O points, round draw.

timweaver175 years ago
where exactly did you find your large washers? the best I could find was 1.5 inch diameter galvanized, but they weren't as heavy as the ones you have look to be.
bhunter7365 years ago
I like this. :)  - Am I understanding the scoring, that when you say colors cancel out, you only keep track of how much lead there is by whichever color rather than a total score?  I think that would be another way to say it.  Nice sturdy construction for a game.
myWoodenCow6 years ago
I had one of these made a while ago, but I do like your addition of the latch and handles. The two main differences between mine and yours is that I did not use the artificial turf on the bottom, and I used a stainless steel cup that I made at work. The pros and cons are that without the turf it is more difficult to keep it in the box, but the turf protects the wood from becoming easily damaged. And for the cup, a stainless steel cup won't break as well as gives a nice ting when you hit the cup. Aside from that the rules that we generally play are pretty close to yours, except if nothing is made into the box/cup closest washer gets one point, in box is two, and in cup is three, and like points cancel out as well.