Washing Machine Fire Pit





Introduction: Washing Machine Fire Pit

When I'm sitting around with my friends, we often talked about a fire pit on our land.

To fulfill the dream, I came up with a 0€ (also 0$) solution. An old wash drum out of stainless steel should work.

Step 1: Release Your Anger

At first, disassemble an old washing machine and save all parts you need for other projects ;-)

The important one for this project is the wash unit. This contains some plastic housing and the wash drum itself. In my case, the plastic was welded / glued together and I had to work with an hammer and a saw to free the wash drum.

Step 2: Flywheel Stand

The wash drum is normally driven by a motor on the bottom of the machine. The momentum got transfered by a belt. The Flywheel for the drum is a perfect stand for the grill.

Step 3: Have Fun

I also found a grill rack, so everything is prepared for a nice evening.



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    Wonderful use of a nonfunctional washing machine drum. I like the way you left the flywheel in place for a stand.