Introduction: Washing Machine Handle Repair/Improvised Handle

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Our washing machine door handle broke twice. The first time that it broke I ordered a new replacement from SearsPartsDirect. After a year or so the handle broke again at the same location. Now I had two broken door handles. What should I do? Should I keep on ordering these door handles every few years? It seems that during use the handle was stressed more at the top screw location. So I came up with this improvised solution.

Step 1: Tools/Supplies Needed

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For this repair you will need:

1/4 " diameter nylon rope approximately 18 inches long

A set of drawer handle hardware as pictured (available at your local hardware store)

A lighter

A screwdriver

A pair of scissors

Step 2: Thread the Nylon Rope Through the Door Handle Hardware

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Thread the nylon rope through the door handle hardware and put knots on both sides.

Step 3: Burning the Rope Closed

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Using the lighter burn the ends of the rope closed so that it will not fray.

Step 4: Installing the Hardware

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Install your new improved door handle onto the washing machine door.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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Enjoy your new door handle!


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-19

Awesome repair! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you!

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